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世界500强商务英语坚持每天学一点,让您在职场更出众!1.With reference to our telephone conversation today…关于我们今天在电话中的谈话…(用于电话沟通后的确认邮件)2. As we discussed on the phone...如我们上次在电话中的讨论…3. In my previous e-mail on October 5在10月5日所写的邮件中…4. As I mentioned earlier about...如我先前所提及关于…5. As indicated in my previous e-mail...如我在先前的信中所提出…6. I am writing to follow up on our earlier decision on the...我写信来追踪我们之前对于…的决定7. from our decision at the previous meeting…如我们在上次会议中的决定…8. As you requested/per your requirement...按照您的要求…9. In reply to your e-mail dated April l, we decided...针对您4月1日的邮件,我们有如下决定…10. As a follow-up to our phone conversation yesterday, I wanted to getback to you about the pending issues of our agreement.对于我们昨天在电话中所谈,我想答复您我们合约的—些待解决的问题。11. I received your voice message regarding the subject. I'm wondering ifyou can elaborate i.e. provide more details.我收到您关于这个主题的留言.我想您是否可以再详尽说明,也就是再提供多一点细节12. I received your message regarding the subject. I'm wondering if you can elaborate i.e. provide more details.我收到您关于这个主题的留言,能否可以再详尽说明,再提供多一点细节。通知客人某个决定/变化13. I am writing to confirm /enquire/inform you...我写信是要确认/询问/通知您…14. Please be advised/informed that…请知悉…15. Please note that…请注意…16. We would like to inform you that…我们想要通知您…17. I am delighted to tell you that…我很高兴地告诉您…18. We are pleased to learnthat…我们很高兴得知…19. We wish to notify you that…我们希望通知您…20. We are sorry to inform you that…我们很抱歉地通知您…21. I’m afraid I have some bad news.我恐怕要带来—些坏消息。22. Due to circumstances beyond our control...由于情况超出我们所能控制…23. With effect from 4 May, 2018...从2008年5月4日开始生效24. I am fine with the proposal.我对这份提按没意见。25. It would be difficult for us to accept...我们很难接受…26. I hope you see from the reduction that we are really doing our utmost.我希望你能够看到我们事实上已经作出了最大程度的让价。适合做“call to action”的结尾语句27. Please give us your preliminary thoughts about this.请让我知道您对于这件事情初步的想法。28. Please advise if you agree with this approach.请告知是否您同意这个方法。29. I would appreciate it very much if you would send me your reply by next Monday.如果能在下周—前收到您的答复,我将非常感激。30. Hope this is OK with you. If not, let me know by e-mail ASAP.希望您同意,如果不行,请尽快邮件回复我。31. May I have your reply by April 1, if possible?我可否在4月1日前收到您的答复?向客人道歉32. I would like to apologize for…我想就…道歉…33. I apologize for the delay in...对于…的耽搁,我深感抱歉。34. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.对于产生任何不便,我们感到抱歉。35. I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.对于造成您的任何不便,我感到抱歉。36. I’m really sorry about this.关于这件事,我真的很抱欺。37. We apologize for the delay and hope that it doesn’t inconvenience you too much.我们为耽搁道歉,希望不会给您带来太多的不便。38. Hoping that this will not cause you too much trouble.希望没有给您带来太多麻烦。39. Kindly excuse our not replying to your favour of the 8th May unitl today.您5月8日的邮件我们回复晚了,非常抱歉。40. I do hope this undesirable incident will not stand in the way of our future business.希望这个令人不快的意外不会妨碍我们以后的生意。一些客套话41. We would be grateful if you could...我们会很感激如果您可以…42. I could appreciate it if you could...我会很感激如果您可以…43. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.如有我能帮得上忙的地方,请不要客气。44. If there's anything else I can do for you on/regarding this matter.Please feel free to contact me at any time.对于这件事,如果还有任何我能帮得上忙的地方,请不要客气,随时与我联络。45. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.如果您有任何问题,请不要客气与我联络。46. Please feel free to call me at any time, I will continually providefull support.请随时跟我联络,我会持续地提供全程支援。47. Please let me know if this is suitable.请让我知道这是否恰当。48. Hope this is clear and we are happy to discuss this further if necessary.希望上述说明很清楚,如有必要,我们很乐意再进—步讨论。49. Please keep me informed on the matter.请随时让我知道这件事的进展。50. Any comments will be much appreciated.对于您的任何建议,我将非常感激。51. Once again, thank you all for your commitment and support.再一次感谢您的承诺及支持。52. We assure you of our best services at all times.我方保证向贵方随时提供最佳服务。53. If there is anything we can do to help you, we shall be more than pleased to do so.贵公司若有所需求,我公司定尽力效劳。54. We sincerely hope that this transaction will turn out to the satisfaction of both parties.我们真诚地希望本次交易双方都能满意。阐述优势55. They are not only as low-priced as other makers, but they are distinctly superior in the following respects .我们的产品不仅与同等产品一样价位低廉,而且在以下一些方面更具有先进之处。56. You will get a 30% increasing production upon using this machine and also it allows one people to perform the task of three people.使用这台机器可以使生产率提高30%,同样也可以使三个人所做的工作,由一个人就可以完成。57. This machine will pay back your investment in 6 month.使用这台机器6个月就可收回投资成本。58. These machines have few breakdowns and easy to maintain because of their simple mechanical structure.此机构设备结构简单,因此故障少,便于维护。59. This material has a durable and easy-to-clean surface.这种材料便于清洗,且耐用。60. As our products have all the feature you need and 20% cheaper compared with that Japanese made ,I strongly recommended to you.我向您强烈推荐,我们的产品具备您所想要的全部特征,而且比同等日本产品便宜20%。61. We feel that our product is the best kind in Asia and we can very well compete against Japan in price.我们认为我们的产品是亚洲市场上最好的,可以在价格上与日货竞争。62. Our products are always good as the samples we send ,I can promise there will be not debasement of quality.我们的产品一直如我们发给你的样品那样好,我能保证将不会降低质量。外贸英语常用词组展会相关◆广交会 Canton Fair◆展览品 exhibit◆展出各种商品 a great variety of goods on display◆展出的摊位 exhibits stand◆橱窗展览 window show◆展期20天 to extend for 20 days加工、配件◆来料加工processing with supplied materials◆进料加工 processing with imported materials◆来样加工 processing with supplied sample◆来件装配 assembling with supplied parts地名、协会◆哥本哈根 Copenhagen◆热那亚 Genoa◆马赛 Marseilles◆安特卫普 Antwerp◆汉堡 Hamburg◆会议纪要 meeting minutes◆中国国际贸易促进委员会 CCPIT◆仲裁委员会 Arbitration Commission◆董事会 board of directors◆主持会议 to preside over a meeting市场、经济◆经济萧条 economic slackness◆市场情况恶化 the 凤凰官网首页market take a change for the worse◆市场活跃 market active◆市场呆滞market dull◆市价下跌 market declining◆行市坚挺 market firm◆行市疲软 market easy◆市况平稳 market stable◆市况坚挺 market strong◆市况不明 market uncertain◆市场疲软 market weak◆控制市场 to control the market◆市场下跌(熊市) with the market being bear◆地中海市场 the Mediterranean market◆投放市场 put onto the market◆市场坚挺且有上升趋势 firm market with an upward tendency◆立足市场 find a footing in the market政策、惯例、原则◆采取新的外贸政策 take up/adopt new foreign trade policy◆遵守通行的国际惯例 follow/observe the general international practices◆根据平等互利的原则 on the basis of equality and mutual benefits◆灵活的政策 flexible policy◆和某人达成协议 come to terms with somebody◆询问有关条款 inquire about terms◆使某人接受条款 bring somebody to terms◆执行开放政策 pursue an open-door policy◆一贯坚持平等互利的原则 always adhere to the principle of equality and mutual benefits◆违背常见商务惯例go against the usual commercial practice合同◆执行合同 execute/carry out/fulfill a contract◆使合同生效 bring a contract into effect◆违背/撤销和约 break/cancel a contract◆重合同守诺言 honor the contract and keep one’s words◆再订一个合同 repeat the contract◆顺利执行合同 to carry out the contract smoothly◆取消合同 to cancel the contract◆合同号 contract number◆信用证条款与合同条款严格一致 the stipulations in the L/C are in strict conformity with that of the contract◆销售合同 sales contract◆合同中写明的 specified in the contract评价◆畅销 sell fast◆享有很高声誉 enjoy a high reputation◆拥有良好销路 command a good market/ find a ready market/enjoy fast sales◆货物受欢迎 the goods are very popular with customers / have met with a warm reception /be well received/accepted/ enjoy a wide popularity among the buyers◆重合同守信用 honor/observe/respect/abide by/keep to/stick to the contract and keep/fulfill/ carry out one's promise; stand by what one says◆公平竞争fair play◆商业信誉 commercial integrity◆高度评价 speak highly of◆通情达理 listen to reason◆供不应求 demand exceeds supply◆供过于求 supply exceeds demand◆服务第一 service is the first motto◆不能与……匹敌 can not be comparable with/cannot compete with◆高科技 high-tech◆这笔买卖真是赚了/赔了 It's quite a bargain.◆物超所值 give much value of the money赔偿◆向…...要求赔偿 to approach …. For compensation◆提出索赔 to lodge/make/raise/issue/file/register/put in/ bring up a claim◆就货进行索赔 claim on goods◆就损坏索赔 claim for damage◆就数量索赔 claim for amount◆向某人索赔 claim with/against somebody◆接受索赔 to accept a claim◆受理索赔 to entertain a claim◆同意索赔 to admit a claim◆驳回索赔 to dismiss a claim◆拒绝索赔 to reject/decline/turn down a claim◆解决索赔 to settle a claim◆放弃索赔 to waive a claim◆撤回索赔 to withdraw a claim◆接受索赔 to entertain a claim◆理赔方面公平合理 be prompt and equitable in settling claims◆提出索赔 to lodge a claim销售、代理人◆营销 market◆脱销 be out of stock◆畅销品 best selling articles◆玻璃器皿销路很畅/销路不大/经常有销路 Glass wares are in great/small/regular demand.◆值得推销 be worth promoting◆推销 to push the sale of◆薄利多销 small profits make quick sales◆促销 promote the sales◆销售季节 shopping season◆销售条款 sales terms◆销售额 sales turnover◆销售代表 sales representative◆销售代理人 sales agent/selling agent◆采购代理人 purchasing agent/buying agent◆独家代理人 exclusive agent/sole agent◆佣金代理人 commission agent◆广告代理人 advertising agent◆代理协议 agency agreement◆代理协议 agency agreement◆独家代理 sole agency◆代理的商号 agent house◆佣金代理商 commission agent信用证、保险◆开信用证 open an L/C◆信用证L/C (Letter of Credit)◆保兑的不可撤销的信用证 confirmed irrevocable L/C◆用即期信用证付款payment by L/C available against draft at sight◆远期信用证 time L/C◆签发信用证 to issue an L/C◆开信用证 to open an L/C◆信用证少开了5000美元 the credit is short-established to the amount of $ 5000◆修改信用证 to amend L/C◆额外保险 extra premium◆平安险 Free from Particular Average◆水渍险 With Particular Average◆一切险 All Risks◆油渍险 risk of Oil◆破碎险 risk of Breakage◆渗漏险 risk of Leakage◆玷污险 risk of Contamination◆罢工暴动、民变险 risk of Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion◆淡水、雨淋险 risk of Fresh Water Damage产品、货物、询盘、订单◆永久牌训练用自行车 Forever Brand Exercise Bicycle◆金狮牌折椅 Golden Lion folded chairs◆印花棉布 printed cotton pieces◆工艺美术品 arts and crafts◆蝴蝶牌缝纫机 Butterfly sewing machine◆红茶 black tea◆机床 machine tools◆羊毛 wool◆丝绸服装 silk garments◆皮革服装 leather garments◆玻璃制品 glassware◆必需品 essential articles◆及时交货 timely delivery◆着手发运货物 set about making delivery◆在手的过期未交货订单 back orders◆期货 future◆增加货物被盗或损坏的风险 add to the risks of pilferage and damage◆急需这批货 be in urgent need of the goods◆偷窃、提货不着险 risk of Theft, Pilferage and Non-Delivery (TPND)◆货物发霉不能食用 the contents are moldy and unfit for consumption◆迅速发货 immediate/rush dispatch of the goods◆凭样交货 shipment per sample◆备货 to get the goods ready◆与厂商联系要求追加订货 approach the manufacturers for an additional order◆畅销货 best sellers◆从总货金中提取佣金 deduce from the value of the consignment◆接受定货 accept/book/enter an order◆订货 place an order◆续订 repeat an order◆撤销订单 cancel the order◆拒绝接受订单 refuse/decline/turn down an order◆日本款式的货 goods of Japanese make◆供现货 supply from stock◆增加供货300箱茶叶 increase the tea supply by 300 cases◆无货可供 no goods available◆发货 make the delivery◆传真所盘 fax somebody for offers◆还盘 to make an counteroffer./counter bid◆实盘 firm offer◆报盘有效期为15天 the offer will remain firm/valid/good/ for 15 days◆报盘两天内有效 the offer holds/remains good/firm/effective/valid for two days◆撤盘 to withdraw the offer◆(订单)任务繁重 heavy commitments◆厂商订单很多 the manufacturers are heavily committed◆试订 to place a trial order◆订购一空 be booked out运输、包装、海关◆即期装运 prompt shipment◆装船耽搁 delay in shipment◆野蛮装卸 rough handling◆安排装船 arrange shipment◆加速装船 expedite shipment◆延期装船 extend shipment◆提前装船 advance shipment◆延迟装船 postpone shipment◆货物吊上船 the goods on the hook◆直达轮 direct steamer◆租船 to charter a ship◆装船通知 shipping advice◆装船须知 shipping instruction◆装船延期 to postpone the shipment◆允许分批装运和转船 partial shipment and transshipment allowed◆装船单据 shipping documents◆按时装船 punctual shipment◆整批装运 ship the whole lot at one time◆提前装运 to advance shipment◆确保准时装运 to ensure punctual shipment◆装运港 loading port◆转运 transshipment◆加快装运 to expedite shipment◆包装不当 improper packing◆聚乙烯包装物 polythene wrapper◆包装指示 packing instructions◆出口包装 export packing◆内包装 inner packing◆外包装 outer packing◆中性包装 neutral packing◆适合海运的包装 seaworthy packing/packing suitable for sea voyage◆远洋运输 ocean transportation◆包装纸 packing paper◆舱位订满 the shipping space has been booked up◆订舱 book the shipping space◆装运 to effect shipment◆装箱单 packing list◆瓦楞硬纸板箱 three-layer cardboard boxes◆小圆桶 keg◆麻袋 gunny bag◆袋sack◆听(容器)tin◆铁皮圆桶 drum◆茶叶箱 chest◆捆 bundle◆琵琶桶 barrel◆木箱 wooden case◆纸盒 cardboard box◆海关手续 custom formalities◆海关放行 custom clearance◆海关官员 custom officer◆关税配额 custom quota◆关税 custom duty◆目的港 port of destination◆塑料袋 polybag /polythene bag——长按下图 ↓ 关注“世界500强商务英语”(English500),为英语充电!